Advanced Teaching

Ph.D. Coursework:

Since the students joining CCSP Ph.D. program would come from a varied academic backgrounds, the centre will offer advanced courses in different subject areas. These coursed offered in the first year are:

  • Quantum Field Theory
  • General Theory of Relativity
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Cosmology
  • Introduction to Particle Physics

Ph.D students will have to take these course works along with the mandatory courses as per UGC norm for 2 semesters. The students are also encouraged to be engaged with research problems as soon as in the first year, so that they develope an aptitude for research. The Centre also float courses under CBCS. 

Graduate and Undergraduate Teaching:

University system is structurally distinguished from research institutes. University sector has a large number of young minds a la graduate and undergraduate students. One of the important academic responsibility of the CCSP faculties is to ignite and inspire the young minds through their limited teaching. The faculties of this centre have eminence in both physics and mathematics and undertake selected teaching in both the subjects. The students from the other departments of SGT university as well as other universities are encouraged to do projects under the supervision of CCSP faculty menbers.

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