Science Popularization Program

Out of the four academic components of CCSP, one major component is the “science popularization program”. The motivation is to reach school students and all enthusiastic people and to energize and ignite the young minds, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds who lack the necessary guidance to realize their full potential. We have different programmes to inspire young minds to rational thinking, inculcate a fascination for science, develop scientific temperament, and create a scientific environment through mobile planetarium (Tarmandal dome), some astronomical instruments, and associated activities by visiting schools with our team and interacting with the students. We are working hard with stage wise planning of our “Science Popularization Program” at a priority level by arranging talks on various science topics through online mode. Hundreds of school students from different states of India are associated with us, and every day we interact with them through regular weekend talks. Establishing “Akashganga complex” (a fixed planetarium) is in our future plan with a large digital planetarium and a Science Centre inside University campus which can benefit the youth.

We also invite other research institutions/universities to join us in our Science Popularization Program. Write to us at if you are interested to attend the talks. We are currently running the program in online mode. 

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